Hey all!

My name is Michelle. I’ve had this blog for about three years now and I just updated it a bit. I didn’t want to change my blog title, even though it doesn’t really apply as much to me anymore.

I’m 25 and it’s been a very crazy 25 years. I’ve overcome so much and I have become stronger.

I am FINALLY learning my true identity. Right now I can only explain it in one word. Daughter.

Maybe at some point I’ll incorporate that somewhere in my title. But until then, Doubting Girl it is.

I currently reside in Mammoth Lakes, CA. Maybe you’ve read that in my posts. I attend the Mammoth Lakes School of Supernatural Ministry at Lighthouse Church.

I love Jesus, tacos, movies, quoting movies, talking about movies…pretty much anything movie related. I enjoy music (all kinds) and it is basically my life. I sing and write and hope that some day that will be enough.

I love driving a lot more than other cool things. I love feeling free and adventurous and spontaneous. Though I really like solid plans and lists. So I guess you can do with that what you will.

I hope this helps you get to know a little more then just my feelings.

Yours Truly,

Michelle Dawn Wheelus

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